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Cuídate y sana

Únete a nuestra comunidad de mujeres que han decidido tomar las riendas de su salud

Experts in women's health

SANA – united to support every woman's journey through perimenopause, pregnancy and beyond.

Formulations based on rigorous scientific studies and formulated by clinical nutritionists

Asegúrate de que tus necesidades fisiológicas están cubiertas. Cuídate por dentro.

Deficiencias de ciertas
vitaminas y minerales pueden provocar desequilibrios hormonales, alteraciones metabólicas
e incluso dificultades para concebir.


Proud to work with Spanish laboratories, ensuring exhaustive and rigorous quality control. Our products are prepared for people like you, who are looking for an optimal and therapeutic concentration that really works and provides scientific safety, free of harmful excipients and low quality elements, optimizing health naturally. We work with the utmost purity, focused on female physiology.

Produced by a team specialized in supplementation and clinical formulation.

FUNCTIONAL MICRO-NUTRITION: New era of wellness with SANA®

Our new generation collection has been rigorously selected to offer synergistic benefits, through the combination of pure and natural elements. Our goal focuses on unlocking women's potential at all stages of our lives.

We select the bioactive forms that are best absorbed and the formats that maximize the bioavailability of the compounds used in each of our formulations.

Without additives. Without colorants. Without processing. We do not use pill format. Not tested on animals. Environmentally conscious.


The science behind our formulas

Supported by rigorous and reference scientific studies, with proven effects.

Tested in independent professional laboratories ensuring maximum safety.

Scientific and nutritional team with extensive clinical experience.

Doses appropriate to female physiology, consistent, safe and 100% Made in Spain.

About us

SANA was born from our ambition to inspire, improve and bring change to the world of natural supplementation. We contribute our knowledge as a team, through scientific and professional study, together with our day-to-day experience in the clinic with patients for more than 8 years, in Spain and the United Kingdom. Our products are formulated by a qualified scientific team, and directed towards a natural and sustainable health approach.

We offer solutions for those areas of Wellness where the combination of quality ingredients and functional plants help us recover our cellular fullness to be able to shine from the inside out.

"SANA was born with the objective of supporting today's women to meet their needs and shine from the inside out."

Your most frequent questions

How to take supplements?

Unless we state otherwise, when we take vitamins and minerals, we recommend taking them with meals to improve their absorption. Some vitamins can cause some discomfort if we take them on an empty stomach. Therefore, we recommend taking them with food.

Can I take a supplement even when I am taking medication?

In clinical consultation, we always recommend that for any medication, supplements should be taken separately with at least four hours between both doses and always after consultation with your doctor.

What difference is there between your ingredients and others on the market?

Due to their bio-availability and the fact that we select ingredients of the highest quality that are tested by independent laboratories, our formulas are unique. Exclusively created so that its chemical structure is better absorbed, the formats we use optimize your metabolism.

I've never put attention into taking supplements Probably because there are many on the market. Taking these products I have felt my body has been optimised and I feel more energised and my periods feel better aligned.

Sofia J

Desde que empecé con Paloma en consulta, llegué con múltiples vómitos, desequilibrios intestinales, dolores de cabeza. Me sentía fatal. Los cambios de nutrición junto con el producto Detox, cambiaron mi existencia. Gracias por todo.

Viky B.

Paloma is a great advocate of liver support when things get stuck. Thanks to her genetic and hormonal panel I realised wasn't processing many of my hormones. Her liver support with DETOX product was incrdible.

Katy P.

I'm incredibly happy for Paloma to have guided my through which supplements to take. Honestly, she is so knowledgeable, so dedicated and she knows a lot.

Mariam T.

Me encantan los productos de sana porque su packaging es precioso, pero sobre todo cuando los probé prácticamente mi pelo estaba acabado. Tuve una consulta con Paloma porque necesitaba algo más guiado para conseguir mis objetivos. Hicimos unas pruebas específicas y la combinación de Detox + Belleza fue increíble.

Patricia M.