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Detox hormonal balance
Detox hormonal balance Sale price€34,90
Beauty hair and nails
Beauty hair and nails Sale price€34,90
Happy pregnancy and complete breastfeeding
Healthy menopause
Healthy menopause Sale price€34,90

Your most frequent questions

Are all the ingredients vegan?

The ingredients we work with are mostly vegan, but some extracts, as they require bioavailable elements and cofactors, are not vegan.

How long should I take the products?

We always recommend continuing for at least a period of 2 months. Our products can be complementary in some cases, so you can also alternate some of them.

Can I use more than one supplement at a time?

As long as you are not pregnant, you can use several of our products at the same time for greater concentration and a better effect in the short - medium term. We will help you in your decision.

"Merci mille fois to SANA and Paloma pour cette produit naturelle ainsi que les recettes pour A. C'était un réel plaisir pour nous de vous connaítre (SANA), et nous esperons aussi garder le contact avec vous. J'ai perdu plus de trois kilos avec SANA. Avec toutes nos amitiés de nous deux".

Francis M.

“I met SANA through the clinical work of Paloma and I have to say she has always been on top of every supplement in terms of helping the body to create a better biochemistry. She has really help me overcome my hurtburn that I had daily".

Ana N.

"Gracias a SANA he conocido lo que significa la suplementación. Nunca antes había tenido interés y los productos realmente funcionan. El producto Reequilibrio interno ha cambiado mi día a día y mis periodos han vuelto a la normalidad".

Maria J.

"Honestly, I love this brand. The woman behind the project really understands this business and I do really appreciate who is the people behind the creation. These products are just the start! I can't wait to see more".

Lynda B.

"The sensitivity Paloma carries for this project is beyond perfection. I started taking the Menopausia product plus the Detox one, and omg my life changed".

Jacqueline R.